Carpool Procedures

McAdory Middle School


Morning Drop-off Procedures


  • McAdory School doors open at 7:20.

  • No student should be dropped off on Yellow Jacket Blvd.

  • All car riders must enter the carpool drop-off area.

  • As cars enter the carpool area, please pull forward to the green sign before stopping.

  • There are two lanes for morning drop-off.  

  • All students in the left lane, the one furthest from the building, should remain in their cars until an adult motions for them to exit.

  • Cars will remain in the parked position until motioned forward.

Thank you for helping keep our students safe!  

Afternoon Carpool Procedures


  • Students who are picked up in the car line will be dismissed following the departure of the first-load buses.

  • Car-riders are to report to the hallway between the gym and the cafeteria.

  • Car-riders MAY NOT enter the hallway between the band hall and the gym.

  • Car-riders may not be outside unaccompanied.

  • A teacher will meet the car-riders and bring them outside to the carpool area.


  • Students should be gathered in the area between the beginning of the awning and the fourth pillar from the stop sign.  Teachers will facilitate this.

  • Students should face the road, stay off their phones, and not play with anything that may distract them or put anyone in danger (soccer balls, etc.).

  • Once all traffic is stopped completely, students may load their vehicles if they are parked between the stop sign and the fourth pillar.  If the student’s ride is past the fourth pillar, that student should walk toward the stop sign in preparation of loading.

  • After approximately 30 seconds, the car line will move again in order to load the next group of students.

  • If a student is not present or paying attention at his or her time to load, that student’s ride must exit and re-enter the carpool line.

  • Students may NOT walk across the street to the high school or any business to be picked up by their parents.

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